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Sociology 4161: Criminal Law in American Society
Sociology 3101: Introduction to American Criminal Justice
Sociology 100: Introduction to Sociology

peer reviewed publications
Sarah Lageson, Mike Vuolo, and Chris Uggen. 2014. “Legal Ambiguity in Managerial Assessments of Criminal Records.” Forthcoming at Law and Social Inquiry.

Mike VuoloChris Uggen, and Sarah Lageson. 2014. “TasteClusters of Music and Drugs: Evidence from Three Analytical Levels.” Forthcoming at the British Journal of Sociology.

Chris Uggen, Mike Vuolo, Sarah Lageson, Ebony Ruhland, Hilary Whitham. “The Edge of Stigma: An Experimental Audit of the Effects of Low-level Criminal Records on Employment.” Forthcoming at Criminology. 

book chapters & articles
Sarah Lageson. 2014. “Correcting American Corrections, with Francis Cullen, David Garland, David Jacobs, and Jeremy Travis.” Crime and the Punished, edited by Chris Uggen and Doug Hartmann. New York: W.W. Norton.

Sarah Shannon and Sarah Lageson, 2014. "Discovering Desistance." The Society Pages (online) and forthcoming in Crime and thePunished, edited by Chris Uggen and Doug Hartmann. New York: W.W. Norton.

Sarah Lageson and Chris Uggen. 2013. “Crime, Punishment and Employment Over the Life Course.” Handbookof Life Course Criminology, edited by Marvin Krohn and Chris Gibson. New York: Springer.

Sarah Lageson, Sinan Erensu, and Kyle Green. 2013. "Laughter and the PoliticalLandscape.” The Social Side of Politics, edited by Chris Uggen and Doug Hartmann. New York: W.W. Norton.

Sarah Lageson, Kyle Green, and Sinan Erensu. 2011. “The Wire Goes to College.” Contexts (10)3: 12-15. 

under review/in progress 
Sarah Lageson. “Legal Consciousness, the First Amendment, and Digital Criminal Records.” Manuscript available.

Sarah Lageson. “Theoretical Perspectives on Crime Reporting.” Manuscript available.

Sarah Lageson. “The Effects of Online Reader Comments on Crime News: An Experiment.” Research in progress.

Mike Vuolo, Chris Uggen, and Sarah Lageson. “The Effect of the Great Recession on Entry-Level Job Applicants by Race: A Happenstance Experiment.” Under review.

Mike Vuolo, Chris Uggen, and Sarah Lageson. Statistical Power in Experimental Audit Studies: Cautions and Calculations for Paired Tests with Dichotomous Outcomes. Under review.

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